Genuine EATON/FULLER Remanufactured/New Transmissions

Warranty Repair Procedures

24-month Standard Warranty

The normal procedure for Eaton transmission warranties is to repair the unit in the field unless the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of a complete unit. Any “reputable” repair shop can do the repair. The customer will be responsible for initial repair costs, pending warranty approval.

In some cases, photographs of the parts in question may be adequate in lieu of shipping the parts in for evaluation.


When all documents have been completed, send an email to Maynard Knight to obtain a return authorization. Use the original invoice number as your claim number to be used on any further correspondence.


Maynard Knight’s Phone # 269-342-3328
Sean Robinson Phone # 918-832-7511

Sean Robinson in Tulsa will be the contact that Maynard will use for any status updates on these warranties. Sean will pass on any communications to the PDC locations.

  • Upon approval, the servicing PDC will issue credit to the customer and complete a "Type 42"
  • Credit parts individually like a normal credit
  • Any approved labor credit will be issued as an "OSP" using HFTRANSMISSION as the part # and LABOR as the description. The cost and selling price will be the same on this line


Clutches are covered under our "In-House Warranty" program at replacement cost if they are determined to be a warrantable failure.

Refer to Failure Analysis Guide (CLTS1271) when possible to help determine whether or not it is a warrantable failure. If you’re not sure, you can send pictures to Sean at the Tulsa PDC to aid with the evaluation.

After evaluating the claim, if it is determined to be a warrantable failure:

  • Complete the Eaton Clutch Warranty Form
  • Via FAX or EMAIL, send the Eaton Clutch Warranty Form to Sean Robinson at the Tulsa PDC for processing Sean will issue the customer a credit

Tulsa Fax # 918-832-7517

Credit amount for any remanufactured clutch that has a core charge will be for the clutch only. The defective clutch should be processed as a core to obtain the core portion of the credit.

For further assistance, contact Eaton’s Warranty Analyst, Maynard Knight 269-342-3328 / email:

Fuller No-Hassle Warranties

Fuller transmission parts are handled internally through our "In-House" warranty program. This includes everything (gearing, electronics, etc.) that uses HF & FB as a vendor code with the exception of complete new and remanufactured transmissions.

Any parts that have been installed, regardless of the nature of the defect, will be handled through the In-House program. Parts that are found to have a defect before they are installed should be handled as a new defect and will need to be processed through Eaton customer service.
(See Eaton "New Defects" procedures)

Parts used to rebuild a transmission:
If it is determined to be a warrantable failure, we can also cover reasonable labor costs for bench labor only.

Genuine Fuller remanufactured or new transmissions are not covered under the "In-House" program.
(See Eaton Fuller New – Reman Transmission Warranty Procedures)

These claims are to be approved or denied at the PDC level. After evaluating the claim, if it is determined to be a warrantable failure, fill out the appropriate warranty form and send it via fax or email to Sean Robinson at the Tulsa PDC for processing. All "In-House" credits must be issued from the Tulsa PDC.

Tulsa Fax # 918-832-7517

For further assistance on a Fuller transmission parts warranty evaluation, contact Maynard Knight at Eaton.
Phone: 269-342-3328 / Email:

CCC Parts Company Warranty Claim Process

For warranty claims, please contact your local distribution center/store where the part/unit was purchased OR Sean Robinson, at the Tulsa distribution center for assistance.

Please have the following information available in order to expedite the claim process:

  1. A copy of your INVOICE or the INVOICE NUMBER for the product(s) you are claiming
  2. The Installation date of the product(s) you are claiming
  3. The failure date of the product(s) you are claiming
  4. The nature of the defect of the product(s) you are claiming

In the event the seller prevails in any action to enforce the terms hereof, the purchaser agrees to pay all attorney fees and court costs.


  • Depending on the manufacturer and the nature of the claim, additional information may be required
  • All warranty claims will be subject to approval by the manufacturer from which the part/unit was purchased from CCC Parts Company.


  1. The location Distribution Center or store where the item(s) were purchased
  2. OR
  3. Contact Sean Robinson
    Phone: 918-832-7511
    Fax: 918-832-7517

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